How Can Learning Mandarin Make You Future-Proof?

English had started developing itself as the international language in the 18th century and had made its mark by the 20th century, also known as the “Century of the West.”

It is well-known that you were good for nothing if you did not know the English language because of various reasons. First, most of the significant research was being done in the West and published in English. If you did not know English, you would have a language barrier leading to a knowledge gap.

Similarly, the West was the light bearer of social progress, so you could not get a good job despite all your capabilities because you could not work in a team. Such a gap led to a trade deficit, business issues and diplomatic problems because people could not hold table talks at par.

The Changing Times:

But now, things are changing. Many people call the 21st century the “Asian Century”, and the stats show that they are not wrong, especially if you see China.

If you are even a little familiar with world affairs, you would know that the new revolution is being brewed in China, and it is already dominating the future.

Now let’s come to Singapore. Singapore predominantly has a 2/3rd Chinese population, yet our curriculum, official communication and even our constitution are in English. Our kids learn English in school, and their grip on the language plays a huge role in determining their grades.

But is it enough? Probably not, because the upcoming time is in Mandarin. Now, most of the research is being conducted in China, so getting the best Mandarin classes Singapore will get you access to the latest knowledge in the world.

Similarly, conversational Mandarin classes Singapore will allow you to trade on an international level, work for multinationals and secure good diplomatic positions.

Now that you understand the importance of Mandarin let’s discuss how learning it can make your future-proof.

The Benefits of Learning Mandarin:

You would mostly expect students and youngsters and students to take Conversational Mandarin classes Singapore, thinking that it is too late for those who are already doing good in life.

But that’s not true. The benefits we are covering today are comprehensive and will enlighten you about the advantages that anybody can have.

1. World-Class Education:

As mentioned earlier, China is the research hub of the world today. Previously, we had to learn English to match our education level with the West, but that’s not how it would be in the predictable future.

We will not have to look at the West for the best educational institutions and prestigious universities. Instead, China will hold that position, and we will have to take the best Mandarin classes Singapore to keep up with the change.

2. International Jobs:

When Barack Obama was the president of the United States, he launched a program to teach Mandarin to the people in the States because he could foresee the future and had the same stance as us.

Today, reportedly 200,000 U.S citizens are fluent in Mandarin, even though China is closer to us, and we have several similarities that give us an edge to learn this language.

The West is all geared up to embrace the change, but if we do not take action now, we are likely to lose the position that is destined for us, which means losing the best jobs to those fluent in Mandarin.

So learning Mandarin will increase your chances of landing an international job and allow you to make the best use of your capabilities.

3. Business Opportunities:

The first two points were for students and fresh graduates, but as stated earlier, there is no age restriction to learning Mandarin.

If you are already doing something in your life, learning Mandarin can open new gateways and escalate your career to a new level. Like research, China also has a lead in production, and most of the products rotating around the world are made in China.

You can secure better deals with Chinese industrialists if you know Mandarin. Learning their language will also give you an insight into how they think, so you will be better able to use business communication tactics if you understand your target audience well.

Similarly, you will also be in a better position to export your products to China, the largest market in the world, because of its population.

4. Intercultural Communication:

Singapore is a multi-lingual and multicultural country, and you can not go through a busy street without coming across somebody who speaks a foreign language.

If you think it is too late for you to get educational or career benefits from Mandarin, you can get cultural and social advantages. Learning Mandarin will allow you to make cross-cultural friendships, get exposure and polish your social skills.

It will give you stronger connections that you can use to your benefit in ways you would not even have thought about.

5. Health & Personality Benefits:

Lastly, learning a foreign language has its health and personality benefits as well. Doctors recommend learning a new language to keep your mind sharp and active, so why not learn a language with the highest possible scope in the future?

Similarly, learning Mandarin will sharpen your personality because you will be able to converse with more people than before. You will feel confident about yourself for acquiring a new skill.