Our TeamKunkwan tutor team consists of a group of highly trained and TCSL (teaching Chinese as a second language) certified tutors.

Our dedicated and professional tutor team is a major factor in the success of Kunkwan. Our tutors strive to inspire, motivate and nurture all of our students to converse fluently in Mandarin and shape a better future for them. Our tutors make learning fun in order that students can learn mandarin Singapore online in a fun way. It drives motivation, flow, passion and engagement by using fun and innovative ways of learning. It also helps to relieve study stress and boost their learning potential.

Our tutors conduct an average of 224 classes monthly. As of May 2021, we have helped 15,987 students succeed in a much bigger way and they are successfully received the HSK International Certificates in Kunkwan.


Mr Kent(Huang Laoshi)

Huang laoshi is the founder of Kunkwan. He is a TTT trainer and have more than 13 years’ experience in Training and Education industry. Meanwhile, Huang Laoshi also a HSK 6 holder.

Quote: Kunkwan has no limits.

Testimonial from students:

Learning with Huang Laoshi is fun, interactive and entertaining. Huang Laoshi always keep the students alert by frequent engagement with the students and always open for questions. Thank you for your dedication Huang Laoshi. – Entunio

The best one so far.☺Easy to understand and memorise especially to those who are slow in learning language like me. The teaching is not too fast and not too slow either. 5 ⭐ from me -Aida

Fun class as normal. Good to hv this practice so that can prepare more for exam. Great laoshi produce great student. Keep up the good job laoshi. – AZZWANI

peishan laoshi 02

Ms Presha(Pei Shan Laoshi)

Pei Shan laoshi is an advance diploma holder. She learned Mandarin for more than 19 years and she have more than 3 years teaching experience in Teaching Chinese as Second Language.

Quote: Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything.

Testimonial from students:

During my whole learning of Level A under Peishan Laoshi, i have improved my mandarin vocabulary a lot. With a fun learning environment under peishan laoshi, i tend to understand mandarin much more than before. Not gonna lie, there were great struggles that i endured during this whole course but with the help of my friends and a cool laoshi, everything seems easy! -FARUK

I myself did not expect to learn Mandarin at the age of 41. I knew my memory is not the same as when I was young. But, PeiShan Laoshi is very patience as she guide me to make sure I understood all my doubts. It is Indeed a fun learning Mandarin course organized by Kunkwan. -FARIDAH

PeiShan Laoshi always have eagerness to teach and improve our Hanyu and giving lots of example words that we can apply on our daily speak. Xie xie PeiShan Laoshi. -AMIR


Ms Hooi Tian(Hooi Tian Laoshi)

Hooi Tian Laoshi is Bachelor’s Degree holder and she have more than 1 year teaching experience in Teaching Chinese as Second Language.

Quote: To teach is to learn twice.

Testimonial from students:

In every class, Laoshi will make a revision and it is really help us to call back our memory and make our learning process more meaningful. Thank you – Fitri

My first class with Hooi Tian laoshi, her teaching method is very clear and concise! – Viviana

Class was full with knowledge and guidance. Level B exam really not easy but I will still work hard with ur guidance laoshi. Thank you for the class💐 stay safe and happy always 🌹🌹🌹 – Farah


Ms Cady(Cady Laoshi)

Cady laoshi is a Bachelor’s Degree holder and also a HSK 6 holder. She have more than 1 year teaching experience in Teaching Chinese as Second Language.

Quote: Day by day, step by step.

Testimonial from students:

I love how Cady Laoshi give chances to all so that we can pronouce the words and answer the questions individually. – FATIN

Laoshi is very friendly and able to make it interesting for me to learn Hanyu. -MOHAMAD FAZLE

The class was so much fun, very easy to understand and informative. Good interactions between students and teacher. Love the class and keep up the good work. -NABILAH


Ms Syazni(Sasa Laoshi)

Sasa Laoshi learned Mandarin for more than 20 years and have 2 years teaching experience.

Quote: Forget the mistake remember the lesson.

Testimonial from students:

Sasa laoshi hen hao . I love learning from her and i always look forward to meeting her in the class. -Kirishallini

She is very good guiding in student. – Afira

Good teacher. always striving for students’ improvement. – Hanif


Mr Zaidi(Zaidi Laoshi)

Zaidi Laoshi is a Bachelor’s degree holder of Arts in Chinese Language as Second Language and he is also a Diploma holder in Education (Mandarin Teaching). Besides that, Zaidi laoshi is a HSK 5 holder and he has have learning Mandarin for more than 8 years.

Quote: Nothing is impossible until you did it.

Testimonial from students:

Zaidi laoshi is very patient and we feel he genuinely wants to help his xuesheng. The class is always fun and he is mindful with his action and words which I appreciate. Good luck Laoshi!!! Wish you all the best in your future undertakings. – NURUL ZURAINI

Zaidi laoshi is one of the best n awesome laoshi I’ve learned from. very clear understanding, and accuracy in pronunciation . my pronunciation improved. this was my revision class, and im also amazed how I actually can understand simple conversation. laoshi’s speciality is he goes thru all the homework, and this actually helps alot, in pronunciation n understanding. xiexie nin laoshi. – UMA DEVI

I really enjoy learning mandarin! I literally can speak mandarin to my siblings without they can understand (even though I don’t know what I’m saying)… nevertheless I really hope I can speak fluent mandarin within 2 years and have strong-willing to do so. – KHADIJAH

kong laoshi 02 min

Mr Kong(Kong Laoshi)

Kong Laoshi is a STPM holder. He has learned Mandarin for more than 7 years and he has rich teaching experience.

Quote: Leave your broken windows open, and in the light just streams.

Testimonial from students:

Thank you very much for taking my comment from last week into consideration! And thank you so much again for a knowledge packed lesson last night. -AISYA JAHEERA

I learn new things for today class. xie xie laoshi. -NAILAH

I like how Kong laoshi giving a lot of example thru each of the subject today. -DARWISAH


Ms Agnes(Agnes Laoshi)

Agnes Laoshi is a Degree Holder and has more than 4 years teaching experience.

Quote: Choose mindsets that will encourage you to achieve happiness and achievement, and discard mindsets that can’t support your happiness.

Testimonial from students:

Laoshi give her best way to teach us. Take note the comment from previous class and improve herself. Very good effort from Laoshi. – Asyraf

I really like Agnes laoshi method of teaching. She gave good tips on how to remember the grammar. She gave details meaning (literal) to each words. She follows the note and give us ample time to write additional notes. She called everyone names to participate and that makes me feel like I’m involved in the class. I hope I see her in future class too. – Nurul Lyanna

I love the way laoshi teach in a class. Very easy to understand. Each lesson laoshi explain clearly and will repeat again. Song chosen also very helpful. At the beginning of the classes, laoshi do revision for the last class (CIC2), which is very good for recap what have we learned before. Thank you so much Agnes Laoshi! – Nadiah Khairunnisa


Ms Afifah(Fei Fei Laoshi)

Fei Fei laoshi is a Degree holder in Teaching Mandarin As a Second Language. She has learned Mandarin for more than 6 years and have more than 2 years teaching experience.

Quote: 一日之师终身为父。

Testimonial from students:

Overall, class is very fun and interactive. presentation and delivering method is awesome. easy to understand for the beginner with zero knowledge like me. cannot wait for the 2nd class with fei fei laoshi. – Nor HANIZA

Very fun!! Laoshi’s class is very well structured & organised and I’m impressed she managed to wrap it all in 2 hours and still doesn’t feel like the class is going too fast. She even ask if there’s any volunteer. I give 10/10! – HAZLAILY

My first class was fun and interactive! Feifei Laoshi is patient, caring and has a kind personality. She explained everything in a simple way and help students to understand better. Feifei Laoshi also engaging students in learning which makes the class more enjoyable. Xiexie laoshi ♥️ – RHEA ALEESHA


Ms Cloris(Cloris Laoshi)

Cloris Laoshi is a Degree holder. She has learned Mandarin for more than 18 years.

Quote: It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop.

Testimonial from students:

I do understand a lot now and Cloris laoshi very helpful in helping me to know new vocabs. Thank you so much. – Rozaini

Cloris Laoshi class was fun and easy to understand. – MOHD AZLAN

Laoshi is so friendly and she really good on doing her job. – FATEN