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Mandarin Course (3 months)


Mandarin Course (3 months)


Mandarin Course (3 months)

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)

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Introduction To Mandarin Courses Singapore

Kunkwan is one of the prestigious names in offering mandarin courses Singapore. If you want to learn Chinese from the experts, you have to enroll in one of the courses we have to offer.

Similarly, you can even enroll in a Chinese language course Singapore depending upon the expertise level you want from your Chinese course. These include:

Conversational Mandarin Language Course Singapore:

This course is for beginners. You can learn the communicative language in this Chinese course Singapore and be a part of different social groups that require Chinese learning as one of the must-haves.

Kunkwan is authorized by HSK test center in Singapore. From HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) exams preparation to certify in mandarin Chinese language course Kunkwan will make your journey fabulous.

Business Mandarin:

Even in the conversational course, you’ll find many characters that can be part of the business language, but this specific course will cover Chinese from the business perspective.

Apart from the basic level things, you’ll find the negotiation characters, cultural aspects, and the right tone to get the things done.

This course is specifically for the people who want to do extensive business projects with the Chinese or want to invest in China as part of their future planning.

Chinese Course Singapore:

Admission to this particular Chinese course Singapore isn’t easy. You’ll have to pass a simple test for determining your abilities to learn the language at this level. Once you pass the test, will help you excel in your Chinese language skills and help you in becoming a professional through our expert’s help.

Professional Mandarin:

This is an advanced-level course where you can learn Mandarin as your second language. To enroll in this course, you’ll be expected to know the language basics fluently. Only then you can expect to get admission to this class.

At this level, we’ll help you learn the industry-specific language to help you excel in your field. These classes are tailored for the individual needs so they can bring in the maximum benefit for you.


It is the official examination you have to pass to be recognized as a Chinese-speaking individual. It consists of 6 levels. You can pass each of them to get this certification.

With each next level, the difficulty of the language and its scope increases, so you should be prepared to put in constant effort in the learning process.

Kunkwan Chinese Language Course Singapore:

At Kunkwan, we can allow you to be a part of the short assessment to analyze your current skill level and the Mandarin courses Singapore that you should start with. It will allow you to give examinations for all the previous levels and get to a specific level, saving a lot of your time and effort.

Which of these courses has intrigued your interest? Choose the Chinese language course Singaporetoday and enroll it to get the maximum benefit from the Kunkwan Mandarin language course Singapore.


What Is The Best Course To Learn Chinese?

There is no best Chinese language course Singapore. There are different levels of Chinese courses Singapore you will have to select the course according to your level and caliber. Feel free to contact us to guide you to the best Chinese language course Singapore according to your level.

How Can I Learn Chinese In Singapore?

There are many different approaches to learning a new language. However, the best is to take admission in Chinese or Mandarin language course Singapore. Kunkwan is one of the best institutes offering mandarin courses Singapore. Apart from Chinese language courses, you will find plenty of native Chinese and Mandarin speakers in Singapore to help you practice the language.

Can I learn Chinese in 3 months?

Yes, you can certainly learn Chinese in 3 months. All you need is admission in the right Chinese course Singapore, focus, and determination to learn the language. Your positive attitude, efforts, and a lot of practice will help you learn a tough language like Chinese in 3 months.

Get started with any online mandarin class that you are interested in.Kunkwan offers a wide range of subjects