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Kunkwan is one of the prestigious Chinese language centre, providing everyone with an opportunity for learning Chinese in Singapore – the language that is known as the language of the future. We enjoy the reputation of teaching the highest number of international students, making us the best Chinese lessons Singapore.

At Kunkwan, we treat every student with respect and care, as both of these elements are essential for learning. Besides, the teaching material and expert staff give us an edge over the other Mandarin institute.

Over time, we have established a reputation in the international market as the best institution for learning Chinese in Singapore. We cater to students from all around the world and help them in growing their expertise level in the Mandarin.

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Become A Part Of The Leading Singapore Chinese language centre

We offer a variety of Chinese lessons Singapore to help everyone learn in their best capacity:

Below are the courses based on age:

  • Preschool
  • Kids
  • Adults

What is special in Kunkwan Singapore Chinese language centre:

In the Kunkwan Institute of Chinese lessons Singapore, you can expect:

Professional Learning Material for Mandarin Lessons Singapore:

While learning a new language, one of the important things you should be worried about is access to the right course. When you are new to a language, you would never know what you should know and what is available in this language.
This is where a professional Chinese institute can play its role. At Kunkwan, you’ll get the best material for learning. All our course outlines are supervised by professionals so you won’t have to worry about any missing elements from any of the Mandarin lessons Singapore that you choose with us.

Learning Chinese In Singapore Under Expert Supervision:

By learning with Kunkwan, you are signing up for expert supervision and guidance. We provide each of our students with opportunities to learn at their pace as we know everyone can have different learning capabilities.

You can get help from the language experts in clarifying any confusion or finding a solution to the problem with regards to the Chinese language. Our staff is friendly and is always willing to help you.

Interactive Learning Environment - Best Mandarin Classes Singapore:

Learning a language especially at the conversation level requires a lot of speaking and interaction. At Kunkwan, you can get this opportunity. We provide a complete classroom environment where you can interact with others and reduce the hesitancy in speaking a new language. All this is possible through the special Chinese lessons Singapore.

Similarly, different exercises for reading will help you become a professional in the course. Isn’t that what you want? If yes, you should enroll in the Chinese language curse at Kunkwan right now.

Variety Of Chinese Lessons Singapore Available:

If you have learned Chinese before, you don’t have to go through the complete exercise of learning the same material again. We have a variety of Mandarin lessons Singapore, depending upon your age and experience level. Therefore, you can choose the Chinese class Singapore type accordingly and learn at your own pace with great ease.

Professional Recognition Opportunity Available:

HSK is the official course/examination from Hanban (Chinese authority for the language). If you want to get this certification, Kunkwan can facilitate you in this process and allow you to learn according to the syllabus.

Besides, you can also test your skills before taking the official course so you can be sure of your success and find any mistakes while there is room for improvement.

What Are You Waiting For?

With all these features being part of the best mandarin classes Singapore, you don’t have to continue searching.

Explore our website further for more information and enroll in the course that you want. In case you need more information, our support team is available. Just email your query and we will get back to you so we can facilitate you in Chinese class Singapore.


To be world No.1 Mandarin learning platform.


Bring Mandarin to the world.

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Kunkwan offers a wide range of subjects.

As an international Mandarin Training Centre, Kunkwan offer varieties of courses with different level for everyone.

Our courses are mainly targeted for pre-school (5-8 years old), Kids (9-12 years old) and adults (over 13 years old).

Foundation Mandarin Course (1 month)

Beginners Mandarin Course (3 months)

Intermediate Mandarin Course (3 months)

Advanced Mandarin Course (3 months)

Professional Mandarin Course (3 months)

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) exams preparation

Cultural activities and events – our student able to join and experience the beauty of Chinese Culture

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Is Chinese Mandarin Hard To Learn?

Yes, Chinese Mandarin is one of the most difficult and complex languages to learn. It has four tones and every tone have different pronunciation and different meaning. So, mastering all tones can take a long time. However, if you take admission to the best mandarin classes Singapore, your learning process can become easier and quicker.

Why Do Singaporeans Have To Learn Chinese?

Chinese is one of the four official languages of Singapore. Moreover, about three-quarter of Singapore population is of Chinese descent. So, if you want to easily communicate in Singapore and excel in the corporate sector, you should start learning Chinese in Singapore.

Is Singapore A Good Place To Learn Mandarin?

Yes, Singapore is a very good place to learn Mandarin. Apart from being home to many Chinese speakers, it has many good Singapore Chinese language centers. And if you are looking for the best mandarin classes Singapore, Kunkwan is the place to be. We offer different levels of Chinese lessons Singapore and you can also avail yourself of our flexible timings.

What Is The Fastest Way To Learn Chinese?

The best and fastest way to learn Chinese is to take admission in Chinese class Singapore. Their expertise and wide teaching experience will help you learn the language pretty fast. Apart from mandarin lessons Singapore, you should practice the language as much as can.

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