What our students are saying...

First of all, I really thankful to Kunkwan, it’s not easy to find Chinese Language Centre like Kunkwan, especially for me who is from korea. Kunkwan always welcome all who wants to learn Chinese and their program is really perfect. Their teachers are friendly and what they taught really easy to understand. I really highly recommended Kunkwan to all of you.

testimonial kunkwan04
Yi Seul Yun
, South Korea

All the teachers in Kunkwan are responsible and helpful. She always helps us to correct our pronunciation. My Mandarin improve a lot with her helps. She is a very friendly teacher. I’m glad that can learn Mandarin with her.

testimonial kunkwan
Student, South Australia

First and foremost, I would like to thank Kunkwan for their dedication and good services they had provided for their students by giving the best they can in order for us to absord. As person coming from Philippines, this is a great opportunity for me to learn Chinese Language.

testimonial kunkwan02
Ernest Andales
Real Estate Negotiator, Philippines

I love learn at Kunkwan very much. The teachers really make me feel learn Mandarin not so difficult as what I thought before. All teachers are helpful, cares n teach the students with their patience.

testimonial kunkwan03
Aliya Serimbetova
Housewife, Kazakhstan