Chinese Language Course for Adults in Singapore – A Complete Guide

 Chinese is one of the oldest languages of the world that is still present today. It has several spoken forms and also a unique written form. The normally spoken form in China is known as Mandarin. It is becoming much common in China and countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. The importance of the language can be traced from the fact that it is ranked as the most spoken language in the world.

How to Start Learning the Chinese Language?

Learning a language is not a tough task, especially when determined and wanting to achieve something. You need to analyze a few things before starting your mandarin classes for adults Singapore.

Set Your Objective

The first thing you need to do is to evaluate whether you are fully prepared to learn the language or not. Learning a language is not such a difficult task, but the matter of concern is that it needs your time and attention. So keep in mind you need to stick to it till the end.

However, with Chinese language course for adults in Singapore, you can make your learning easy by seeking the advice and guidance of a native speaker.

Collect Material from Different Resources

Besides taking mandarin classes for adults Singapore, you need to invest your time in collecting material from different resources. Try to surf the internet and watch different videos with subtitles. This will help you in your oral communication as well as improve your vocabulary. Besides this, you can consult different textbooks, tools, dictionaries, and mobile applications to make it easy.

Focus On Correct Pronunciation

The next thing on the list is focusing on improving your pronunciation. Pronunciation plays an effective role in verbal communication as it helps convey your thoughts and sentiments to others in the right way.

You can improve your pronunciation by learning pinyin, an old system used to write Chinese in roman letters.

Learning pinyin is not difficult at all. You need to concentrate on some simple tips and apply them while learning the language. You can watch different informative videos on the internet that teach pinyin in detail. Other than this, various apps can also prove beneficial in this regard.

Practice Speaking More

Do not be afraid of speaking and using words you have learned. You can practice alone in front of the mirror or with any friend or family member. This might feel awkward and strange in the beginning, but it can help you in building confidence. You will notice that your speaking abilities will start improving in no time. Practicing speaking with any Chinese friend or individual is the best way as they will also point out your mistakes that will make your language learning even better.

How to Teach the Chinese Language to Children from the Beginning?

Do you wish to see your children speak fluently in Chinese but do not know how to do so? It is not a big task now. You can develop a passion for Chinese in your little ones by following these simple 5 steps. These steps are designed to encourage learning in a fun way rather than keeping them bound for hours.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is encourage the reading habit among them. The simple way of doing this is by buying some colorful picture books of the Chinese language. This is also the initial step of learning various Chinese language course for adults in Singapore.

Step 2

Learning should not be bound to a specific time. Teach your children when they are relaxed and happy. This will not only keep them involved, but also they will be able to grasp things faster. Like some children are usually happy and calm after waking up or eating their favorite food. Remember, this is the right time for you to teach the Chinese language.

You can opt for different teaching methods like asking them to read out or assist them in reading.

Step 3

Make the learning fun and enjoyable by giving them examples and telling them your life stories that match that particular context. You can also keep them alert and engaged by asking them questions in the mid.

Step 4

Help your child understand the story. Keep on revising the new words that are new to them so that they remain in their memory. You can also ask them to look up into the dictionary the meanings of difficult words. This will even help them more.

Step 5

Finally, you will see that your child will develop a habit of reading. This story tie will also prove effective in improving your relationship with your little munchkin. So try to spend more time with them by reading books or discussing stories in the Chinese language; this will also increase their creativity levels.